What Kids Say: Harry Potter Vs. Frozen

What Kids Say!

What Kids Say!

When we think about visiting the Orlando Theme Parks we must have the little ones in mind. I mean… isn’t that what it’s all about? Well both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios most definitely understood that in 2014 and it was easy to see! Walt Disney World was transformed into a ‘Frozen’ Paradise… Norway in Epcot is currently even under construction. It’s really easy to assume why. This craze is definitely not letting up either with ‘Frozen 2’ in the preproduction phase already. The kids are loving this movie as well as the characters, such as the friendly snowman, Olaf. Kids say Olaf is their favorite character because he’s just plain funny. Well what’s not funny about a Snowman singing a song titled, “In Summer”…  Kid’s also are noting that it’s super cool having their own Queen Elsa Princess Dress.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

Walt Disney World isn’t the only place in town playing favorites either. Universal Studios is jammed packed with kids in robes, waving wands at about everything they can wave their wands at. Universal created an entire… Universe… in the park that is totally believable to the little ones. I’ve never seen so many kids that are preferring to have their own pet Owl, over a pet Puppy! I must say both experiences are a little magical in their own way.

Here’s what kids say:

Question 1: What outfit would you prefer to wear? A Harry Potter Robe or a Queen Elsa’s Princess Dress?

Answer: “Harry Potter Robe because it has cool secret pockets inside that other people can’t see!”

Question 2: If you could visit either Hogwarts or Queen Elsa’s Castle, which one would it be?

Answer: “Queen Elsa’s Castle!”

Question 3: Who would you choose to be your best friend for the day?

Answer: “Olaf! I like him because he is funny!”

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Well there you have it, 2 for Frozen, 1 for Harry Potter. All I can say is… The theme parks are on a role and Orlando is the place to vacation. Global Resort Homes caters to family needs and would love to assist you on planning your your Family’s First Vacation in 2015. We offer beautiful homes that not only are perfect for the kids, but also to the adults! Visit our website today or just give us a call if you have any questions! Toll Free: 855-356-8996



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