Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay
© 2015 Universal Orlando Resort. All rights reserved.
© 2015 Universal Orlando Resort. All rights reserved.

If you’re like us then you are just as excited to try out some of the rides at Universal’s new Volcano Bay Water Theme Park! Volcano Bay is set to open this summer and we cannot wait. We’ve been doing our research to update you on their most recent and splashing activities!

First, the main volcano is finally taking shape with it’s wide base and volcano-like top. With waterslides poking out the sides, it is really beginning to take shape. This will serve as the main meeting point of the park and drive home the theming. You won’t be able to miss this massive volcano.

If you are a daredevil and prefer to live on the wild side, then you will love the Ko’okiri Body Plunge. After walking up many stairs you will then take a 125-foot drop down a 70 degree angle. You will fall through the trap door and scream all the way down while having the time of your life. You can also choose to go down the body slides or “Punga Racer” which use mats to slide.

Not only will Volcano Bay have single rider slides, but the Bay will also have super fun raft rides. With over 5 different raft rides, you’ll be able to test them all or ride your favorites. One coming right along is Maku Puihi Raft Rides which allow 6 people to ascend the ride at a time. While twisting and turning you will be able to enjoy with all of the family.

These updates come with more great news that scheduling is all on track! That means you will have to bring your friends and family here to try it out all summer long! Global has homes close to all the action. Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global. We can’t wait to see you here!

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