Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay: New Details!

Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay
Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay

If you are a big fan of waterparks, then we have big news for you! Universal Orlando has just revealed details about all of its new attractions and what is to come at Volcano Bay. This Central Florida attraction will bring new visitors from all over the world to test out these wavy waters.

The first major detail revealed about this magnificent water park is the four different themed areas, according to sources. The first is Krakatau, which will be home to the 200-foot volcano, the park’s main attraction. Within this volcano will be body slides and “high speed racers.” One of the body slides will include a 125-foot slide at a 70 degree drop. These extreme slides will give even the most daring daredevil a run for their money.

Next, the park will feature three separate “villages.” This includes Wave Village, River Village and Rainforest Village. Wave Village will feature a huge wave pool as well as a sand beach. Also, if you are in the mood for relaxation, one or two story cabanas will be for rent. River Village will feature a lazy river as well as family raft rides. Lastly, Rainforest Village will feature a relaxing lagoon or for the speedster, multi-person rides that wind and zip through beautiful scenery.

This park will truly have everything for everyone. Not only will their be speedy waterslides that get your heart racing but it will also feature attractions just for kids! The park will not only have a large wave pool but will also have a viewing pool for the ones who want a little more relaxation. With that being said, this 28-acre park will be a hit. If you are looking to cool off in this Florida summer heat, then Universal Orlando will soon have the place for you!

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