Train Like A Jedi And Watch The Force Come Alive!

Train Like A Jedi

Train Like A Jedi

When you hear Darth Vader and Seventh Sister Inquisitor do you automatically run for your light saber? If so, Disney may have the event just for you. If you think it is your time to take on the Star Wars Villains at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, listen up!

Along with the Star Wars attractions at Hollywood Studios, Disney is allowing the young ones of the group to train like a Jedi. Kids will face the Seventh Sister Inquisitor and take on Darth Vader. The new Jedi students will use their newly learned talents to take on their biggest rivals. With people watching from every end of the universe, these Jedi’s will be put to the test.

If you want your child to participate, there are a few things to know! You must be between 4 and 12 years of age in order to participate and register in advance at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost. This is also first come, first serve and participants must be there at the time of registration.  After you are done battling Darth Vader, sit down and enjoy the “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” live show right on “Hollywood Boulevard.” With live re-creations of the most intense, memorable Star Wars moments, this show will wow!

Lastly, get ready for the “Galactic Spectacular” fireworks show. As the Star Wars films come alive, enjoy the night, music and sights all around. Hollywood Studios has truly outdone themselves with all events Star Wars. If you are ready to take on the ultimate rivals and live in a Galaxy Far, Far away then visit Hollywood Studios the next time you’re in Florida! Book your vacation rental with Global Resort Homes at 877-724-0138 or visit


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