Family 1-1

If you’re like the rest of us, the holidays sneak up on you and this includes planning the Thanksgiving feast. All of a sudden you are deciding what side dishes to bring and who is hosting this year’s turkey day. So instead of piling into your parent’s house (and still being forced to sit at the kids table even though you are 28) we have the perfect solution…

Rent a home in sunny and warm Orlando! Renting a home in this magical place will make the short holiday break seem long and provide even longer lasting memories.

Not quite convinced? Here are 8 reasons to rent a vacation home this Thanksgiving:

1) There’s room for the whole family
Forget sharing two queen beds in a hotel room! Our homes can sleep up to 22 people!

Family 1-62) Full kitchen and Dining Areas
All Global Vacation Homes have a fully equipped kitchen with dish washers, ovens, and microwaves. A Thanksgiving feast is easy as pumpkin pie with all the cook wear and dinnerware ready to go!

3) Private Chef
If you are not all about cooking on the Holidays, there is no need to travel to a restaurant! Let Chef Troy, or a ton of other great chefs in the area, come to your home and cook his out-of-this-world amazing food for you!

4) Pool Time! 
That’s right! One of the perks of being in sunny Florida is that the pool is ready for you year round, so don’t forget your swimmies!

5) Multiple Televisions
….just in case every family member doesn’t like football.

6) No cleaning before guests arrive 
We have all frantically cleaned before company arrives including throwing dirty clothes in the closet. But when you rent a vacation home, you are the guest. Each home is meticulously clean before arrival.

7) Low seasonal rates
November is traditionally an off-peak month. With our rates at their lowest, you can make wonderful memories without breaking the bank.

8) Parks and Shopping Galore!
We are conveniently located to all of the major theme parks, and they all love to celebrate the Holiday’s with you!   If you are more into shopping during the Christmas season, there are Outlet Malls around every corner!

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