Skull Island: Reign of Kong- Universal’s Newest Multi-Dimensional Ride

Skull Island

Skull Island

You may have thought Kong was gone, but after this ride you’ll realize he is here to stay. Welcome to Universal’s newest and most immersive ride. As you begin your journey, the line is filled with dark, mysterious tracks that Kong had been there. Once you arrive on Skull Island you then watch a storyline of what Skull Island is and how it got there.

After this, the surprises keep coming as the expedition truck is surrounded with animals of different kinds and prehistoric creatures. The special effects of the ride make it feel as though you are truly on Skull Island. With 360 degree action around the expedition vehicle riders can take the trip more than once with a different view every time. Check out this video by Universal Orlando!

This one of a kind ride with technology like no other will transport you to a land where Kong rules. After you experience this new ride, head over to another of Universal’s immersive rides such as Revenge of the Mummy or Men in Black: Alien Attack. If you want something a bit more extreme check out Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket- the speedy coaster that twists and turns while you listen to your favorite tune. Whatever you choose to do with your day at Universal Orlando, you are in for a day of fun, family and Kong! Book your vacation rental with Global Resort Homes at 877-724-0138 or visit


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