Seaworld’s Newest Coaster Is already Breaking Records!


If you have the need for speed then Seaworld’s newest roller coaster Mako is for you. With its recent launch, Mako is making its mark on Orlando as the tallest roller coaster in the city. With a 200 feet climb to the top, your heart will race as you speed down the tracks at nearly 73 miles per hour.

Mako, the coaster named after the fastest shark will not only be the tallest roller coaster in Orlando, but will also be one of the longest. With nearly a mile of track, this coaster has nearly 4,760 feet of fun as you twist and turn along Mako’s path.

Mako is looped into the category of “hypercoaster.” With its multiple hills, drops and turns, Mako makes passengers feel weightless, a term known as “air time.” This alone provides roller coaster lovers, dare devils and maybe just someone wanting to step out of their comfort zone with an experience like never before. If you are ready for more than Mako, head over to Kraken or Manta, the other two roller coasters that Seaworld has to offer. Embark on the journey of the Mako today and see what all the hype is about. Book your vacation rental with Global Resort Homes at 877-724-0138 or visit

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