SeaWorld’s New Summer Soak Party

We all know the Florida heat can be intense but once you visit SeaWorld you’ll be able to cool down and enjoy the sun. Starting on July 22nd, SeaWorld introduced its Summer Soak Party which has many ways to cool you off.

The Summer Soak Party will feature a slew of gadgets and gizmos to keep you cool. For example, walls of sprinklers and rain curtains will line the sidewalks while you play the day away. Not only will this event allow you to stay cool on the outside, but it’ll allow you to stay at the perfect temperature with their ice cold beverages. With $3 beers and $3 Shamu ice-cream treats, everyone will have their treat to snack on.

If that’s not enough, you can always check out the many places around SeaWorld to grab a bite to eat. Head over to the Polar Parlor and grab a root beer float, dipped cones or any of the Shamu brownie sundaes. If you’re looking for a little more you can also visit Castaway Joe’s which features “castaway cuisine.”

This is all a part of the Mako celebration! While celebrating the opening of their newest coaster, SeaWorld is giving visitors the all star treatment. With a text scavenger hunt as well as a block party happening, you’re sure to find your liking! Make sure to visit SeaWorld during this wonderful event. Running through August 14th you’ll be able to get in on these amazing deals.

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