Universal Mardi Gras
Universal Mardi Gras
Universal Mardi Gras

Orlando may have been the place you thought you were visiting, but you will be transported to the heart of New Orleans once you come to Universal for their annual Mardi Gras celebration.

But you only have until April 16th to get in on the action, which I recommend! Universal Orlando® hosts quite the celebration (on select dates). The food is incredible, featuring classic New Orleans dishes. From mounds of shrimp to stacks of Beignets, the food is down-home traditional NOLA cuisine.

Each celebration, the mainstage is taken by a headliner featuring their biggest hits. This year’s lineup includes artists like The Fray, Shawn Mendes and Jessie J to name a few. If that is not enough, T-Pain and Fall Out Boy will also be on the set list.

Mardi Gras at Universal begins with a giant parade- filled with floats, masquerades and beads. As the green, purple and gold pass you, it will feel as if you are in New Orleans! After that, be sure to grab a seat for the main performance.
What is the best part about this you may ask? It all comes at no extra cost! As long as you have a ticket to the park, the parade and all festivities (besides food) are free! Many may be wondering if this is a kid friendly celebration? The answer is YES! The parade, food and festivities are all meant to be enjoyed with the family. The only thing we suggest is making sure the performer suits your guidance.

We hope to see you at the next Mardi Gras celebration here at Universal. It truly is Orlando’s biggest party and will give you memories that last a lifetime.

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