Space Mountain

Space MountainEven if you’ve never been to the Walt Disney World Resort I’m sure you’ve heard of Space Mountain! In this attraction you can navigate a dark, neon-lit space station and make your way to a busy control tower, passing a constellation of glowing astronaut training stations. Inside a futuristic launch pad, climb aboard a aerodynamic rocket and prepare yourself for a deep space adventure into the beyond! This one of a kind attraction is fast paced and very, very dark. These two characteristics make for a great combination. This ride was the first of it’s kind in fact, developed in the 1960’s. Space Moutain inspired many rollercoasters to follow such as “The Mummy” at the Universal Resort here in Orlando, as well as “The Rockin’ Roller Coaster” located in Hollywood Studios, practically next door. This attraction has always been a favorite of mine, but we all know what that can mean… long lines. However, not to worry! The line is filled with interactive games to keep you entertained along the way. It’s really not too bad. But, from a frequent visitor to a “newby”, this ride is best to visit near the end of the day, like most attractions. Coming to Orlando and need help planning your next trip to the Magic Kingdom? Global Resort Homes is here to help! Go to our or call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your next trip with us!

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