Kayaking in Central Florida?!

Kayaking in Central Florida

Kayaking in Central Florida

Although we are known for our theme parks, Central Florida reigns supreme with its beautiful landscape. Our lakes and ecosystem opens itself to many outdoor activities that tourists and locals do not think of when dreaming about central Florida. From kayaking, air boating and much more…we have activities for everyone in your party.

Central Florida is unparalleled when it comes to kayaking experiences and the perfect place to start your adventure. About an hour north of Orlando lies the Lower Wekiva State Park. With manatees, native birds and alligators for your viewing, this will not disappoint. If you’re looking for something a bit closer to Orlando, we have that for you as well. Check out AdvernturesInFlorida.com and book your day excursion. Look at some of the most historical homes in Orlando from the water in Winter Park or book an adventure to one of the many beaches.

Not only are their kayaking adventures right in the heart of Florida, but we also have many other outdoor excursions where you can live like a local. In Kissimmee, right outside of Orlando, airboating is one of the most popular activities. Take in the serene landscape of the everglades from a viewpoint like never before. Look at alligators, turtles and much more!

Not only do we have theme parks in Orlando, but we have ways where you and your guests can connect with nature like never before. Look at landscapes unfamiliar and bask in the ambiance of Florida. A major upside is that all of these activities are nothing but a stone’s throw away from all of Global’s homes! Head over to GlobalResortHomes.com or call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global.


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