International Drive: iSquare Mall

iSquare Mall on International Drive

iSquare Mall on International Drive

As if International Drive already wasn’t getting enough cool new stuff! Wait… there’s more! Coming to the strip is a multilevel upscale mall known as “iSquare Mall.” This project is going to cost 300 to 400 million dollars so expect something pretty grand and massive. The luxury is said to be that of a ‘seven star’ hotel. The developer, Abdul Matin, stated… ” “Our goal is to complete the design and permitting phase by May 2015, and groundbreaking by summer of 2015. The opening of the mall and hotel are still on same schedule for summer 2017.” I’m beginning to have the feeling that come 2020 I’m not even going to recognize Orlando due to all the huge upgrades this place is receiving. The project will even include an indoor ice skating rink! … in Florida? That’s going to get confusing, but none-the-less it’s going to be awesome! Did i forget to mention the rooftop observation deck will have a rotating restaurant? Orlando is the place to be. When planning your next vacation here make sure to visit our website for the best deals on vacation homes!



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