How Orlando ranked #1 for New Year’s Eve Celebration

Fireworks New Years Orlando

Based off of a new study by WalletHub, Orlando is the hot spot for your New Year’s Eve celebrations!

In order to find the most fun and affordable New Year’s Eve locations for ringing in the New Year, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 most populated cities across 17 key metrics, ranging from the legality of fireworks to the average price of a New Year’s Eve party ticket as well as the forecasted precipitation on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s how Orlando ranked by category:

  • 7th: Average price of a New Year’s Eve party ticket
  • 29th: Average beverage price (wine price)
  • 1st: Number of nightlife options per capita
  • 1st: Number of restaurants per capita
  • 4th: Luxury shopping
  • 1st: Legality of fireworks
  • 53rd: Walkability
  • 7th: Number of New Year’s Eve festivals, performances and galas per capita
  • 5th: Number of music venues per capita

Also to be noted, Tampa at No. 13, Miami at No. 17 and Jacksonville at No. 36.

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