Exciting big things coming to Osceola County!

New development in Kissimmee

There are some exciting and big changes coming to Osceola County!

County commissioners gave the OK for more development in downtown Kissimmee including a five-story hotel, residential homes and retail shops. It is believed the new development could change the way people are getting around the city.

The plan is to redevelop the Hansel Plant and Toho Square sites, which are both located near new 30 million dollar Kissimmee Lakefront Park, was unanimously agreed on.

“It’s going to create places for people to live. They can get on a bicycle and ride on the SunRail or they can walk to the SunRail. So we feel like it’s going to be a huge insane enhancement to our downtown area,” said Mayor Swan.

With the new SunRail station coming to town, the mayor hopes that the development will push people to use the different forms of transportation available to get around.

Bill Muntzing another Kissimmee resident said, “I think the SunRail is great. Actually I think we should have more public transportation like that around the state to alleviate congestion on highways and roads.”

The SunRail should be completed by 2017 and that’s when leaders hope people can start enjoying the new hotel, homes and shops.

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