Disney Springs has Sprung!

Disney Springs

Disney Springs

The newly re-imagined Disney Springs is a vacation oasis located at what used-to-be Walt Disney WorldsⓇ Downtown Disney. The transformation that began in 2013 is starting to take shape as the architecture, natural horticulture, and spring make their mark. Surrounded by restaurants, candy stores, shopping and activities, Disney Springs has plenty to offer for every family.

Disney Springs takes guests away from the busy vacation days and immerses them in the natural beauty of Florida. The spring, designed to look like Florida’s natural springs, is centered around a Town Center which then lead off to three smaller “neighborhoods” which include The Landing, The Marketplace as well as West Side. The attention to detail and design are something Disney’s Imagineers never forget. The Florida oak trees, bold color scheme and unique architecture are sure to gain the attention of everyone enjoying this free Disney attraction.


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