Chroma at Lake Nona



Earlier this month, we had the incredible opportunity, though by mistake, to dine at Chroma; Tavistock Restaurant Collection’s newest original concept in Lake Nona (just a short drive from any Global Resort Homes.) And what a beautiful experience it was! My husband and I attended Diner en Blanc, a pop up dining experience, with our 1200 best friends in the courtyard just outside Chroma, near The Beacon. As it were, our dinner that was pre-ordered from a different restaurant never showed up much to our disappointment. However to our surprise and delight, we were able to order a wonderful dinner in its place from Chroma. Not only is the ambience of the restaurant one of class and modern comfort, but also the food is more than we could have imagined. Served as small plates, literally everything we ordered was fantastic!

We loved everything but the Sticky Florida Pork Ribs were definitely our favorite. And the serving staff and General Manager couldn’t have been more helpful and wonderful. Take a break and give a try to somewhere the locals go!


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