Halloween at Disney World is Finally Here!

Disney has been gearing up for one of their most beloved holidays, Halloween, all summer long. And now it’s finally here! Disney is pulling out all the stops so everyone visiting has a hauntingly good time. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is just the start to an incredible holiday season at Disney World. Staying with Global Resort Homes means you’re close to each and every one of these activities too. Here are our favorite things to do at the famous party.

Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular

This must-see is arguably one of Disney’s most famous Halloween movies, this show is like no other. Hosted by the wickedly famous Sanderson Sisters, you’ll be taken on a wild ride featuring songs, visual projections, and spooky special effects. Keep your eyes peeled for some special guests who also happen to be Disney’s most infamous villains. Be sure to get your Not-So-Scary tickets so you can take part in this awesome adventure.

Boo To You Halloween Parade

This “Treat” will keep you dancing all night!
Sometimes Halloween parades can be scary, but rest assured that this parade is for all ages. Filled with gorgeous floats and Disney characters in new costumes, you’ll be able to get a rare glimpse of your favorite characters like never before. Catch Wreck-It-Ralph, The Incredibles, and Sugar Rush along Main Street U.S.A. You’ll also find your favorite Disney villains at the finale, so be sure to stay the whole time.

Disney’s Not-So-Scary Spectacular

We all know that the fireworks shows at Disney are the most incredible shows that you can see. With music and special effects, you truly get to see art and technology come together like no other. Hosted by Jack Skellington, you’ll be dancing to your favorite songs while waltzing ghosts and dancing skeletons light up the sky. Be sure to stay for the grand finale as this is the perfect way to end your day at this Halloween celebration!

Close to all of the action, let Global Resort Homes take care of all your accommodations. You’ll be able to be at the Not-So-Scary party in no time when you stay at one of our homes. With homes ranging up to 14 bedrooms, we have everything that you and your guests need for an incredible stay. This spacious 9-bedroom home is just a short drive to Magic Kingdom, features 9 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 20 guests! Here at Global we have all you need for a great Halloween.

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3 Things We’re Excited About at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge

If you’re like us, you couldn’t be more excited for the new Star Wars land opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 29th!

When planning your trip to Florida, be sure to book out a few days so you can adventure into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In this fully immersive experience, you can help members of the Resistance avoid Stormtroopers, build your own lightsaber in a hidden workshop and taste Blue Milk – a favorite among travelers. Here are a few other things you won’t want to miss during your visit to the planet of Batuu.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Millennium FalconMillennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

As you gear up for your day in the galaxy, be sure to grab your lightsaber as you ride in the famous Millenium Falcon. This audacious flight will throw you into hyperspace as fast as lightning! Facing danger at every turn, your pilot, engineer and gunner will all need to work together to make it out in one piece.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

As you explore all of Galaxy’s Edge’s immersive experiences, wander into the Den of Antiquities, which features rare and precious treasures from around the galaxy. This assortment of jewels comes from different planets, eras and generations. Although mysterious, this shop welcomes everyone to come in and choose their favorite assortment of goods to take with them along the way!

First Order Cargo & Resistance Supply

Choose where your allegiance lies and then pick up the supplies you’ll need to fight alongside either the First Order or the Resistance. You can stop at the First Order Cargo and gear up at Docking Bay 9. If you’re a part of the Resistance, you can grab everything you’ll need to defeat the First Order. Both are great places to grab souvenirs so you bring home a piece of Star Wars with you!

When you’re done fighting the First Order, come back to your very own vacation home! With Global Resort Homes, we have a variety of spacious rentals to choose from so you can find the perfect one for you and your family. Check out the out-of-this-world bedroom in this gorgeous vacation home!

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4 Reasons Why Island H2O Live! is the most advanced Water Park!

National Water Park Day is July 28th!

If you’ve heard about the Island H2O Live! water park, then you know that it is slated to be the most technologically advanced water park Orlando has ever seen! Located just outside Margaritaville Resort Orlando, this attraction has water park bands, social media stations, and so much more. Island H2O Live! is pulling out all the stops to make this one of the most thrilling and “smartest” water parks to ever exist.
Here are a few ways that this attraction is set to take the world by storm.

H2O Live App:

This incredible water park has its very own phone app that lets you vacation like no other! When you download this app you’re automatically interconnected to the entire park. You can order food, see wait times, download all of your photos directly to your phone, and do so much more right at your fingertips. This app lets you customize your experience all the way to the music you hear on some of the waterslides! Talk about living in the future!

Water Park Selfie-Shack at Island H20 Live!
One of the many Selfie Shacks at Island H2O Live!

Water Park Wristbands:

Want to plan your slide time so you can do it all? Are you a parent needing to keep track of where your kids are? These H2O water park bands allow you to do all that and more! When you have this wristband, which connects back to the app, you can do so much. When you take a photo at the Selfie Shack, it’s sent right to your app so you can share it with all family and friends. Not only that but as you do more activities, you can accrue points which can be exchanged for prizes.

Water Park at Island H20 Live!
Wave Pool & Dive-In Movie at Island H2O Live!

Dive-In Movies:

Are you ready for a movie night like no other? On select nights, H2O live offers “Dive In” movies that you can watch right from the wave pool. Perfect for those summer nights, you’ll be able to swim while you watch Jaws or splash while you watch Blue Crush. This is the best spot to watch the sunset, grab a drink, sit back and relax!

Shady Area:

With all of the technological advances, it’s easy to think that Island H2O Live! had to skimp on other areas of the park, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, this amazing place has taken on the mission to offer the most shaded areas compared to all the other water parks. They aim to please with every detail, even down to the shade provided to guests. A concentrated effort was made to make little resting areas that are away from the sun. Take a break from the pool and cool off. It won’t be hard to find some shade!

Best of all Island H20 Live! is less than 15 minutes away from many of our resort communities in the Orlando and Kissimmee area! Check out this amazing cottage in Margaritaville or stay a short drive away in one of our other homes, townhomes or condos.

Book your stay with Global today and be sure to check out this amazing water park! With an incredible phone app, water park bands and dive-in movies, there is something for the whole family to enjoy.

Which Disney Park is Right for Your Vacation?


With so many Disney World parks it can be hard to choose which few to tackle during your stay in Orlando. From Epcot to Magic Kingdom, each offers a unique and fun experience. Here are our suggestions on Disney parks based on what you’re looking for!

  1. If you’re feeling hungry for new cuisine: Although each park has its signatures, there is no better way to fill up than at Epcot! Epcot has star dishes in each country highlighting the seasonal food and favorites that all their guests enjoy. Now is a great time to experience the magic at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Running through June 3rd, you can experience incredible Spring flowers along with new small plates! Epcot is the perfect place to enjoy the weather, friends and food.

  2. If you’re feeling adventurous: Get ready to feel like you’re on a wild vacation at Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom provides you with sights of far far away lands that are sometimes only dreamt about. Hop on a safari and see lions, tigers and giraffes on Kilimanjaro’s Safari. You can even fly away to the land of the Na’vi at the new Avatar Land, and ride with the Mountain Banshees. These incredible adventures will keep your heart racing and your blood flowing. Get ready for a day to remember!

  3. You’re feeling nostalgic: If we know anything, we know that Disney brings a sense of childhood to everyone that walks through the magical gates. Now is a great time to visit Hollywood Studios where you can experience the childhood favorites of Toy Story in person! Toy Story Land, now open, will take you right back to your childhood as you shrink to the size of Buzz and Woody. A blast from the past comes alive right before your eyes! If you were more of a Star Wars kid (or both!) you can also see some of your favorite characters right around the corner. Be sure to come back in Summer 2019 when Star Wars Land opens featuring new rides, restaurants and more!

There is no better feeling than coming to Disney and feeling like a kid again. Whether you’re coming with your family or friends, be sure to stay with Global Resort Homes for the perfect stay. From 2 bedroom homes to 14 bedroom homes, we have you covered! If you’re feeling like comfort is what you need, look no further. Visit GlobalResortHomes.com and book your stay today!

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