Many tasty treats to try at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival!

Epcot's 24th International Flower & Garden Festival!

Epcot’s 24th International Flower & Garden Festival!

Spring Break is upon us and that means many people coming to Epcot to try the wonderful food of the Flower and Garden Festival. Make sure you stop by to try all of what Epcot has to offer during this wonderful time. Running through May 29th, you’ll be able to try the international foods of many countries all while enjoying the beautiful, lush scenery of Disney.

This festival is all about the food! With some past and new traditions meeting up, there is no doubt that you’ll find your new favorite dish. Disney has also put out some incredible vegetarian dishes for you to try as well. First, you have to try the Berry Basket which is an all new booth. Specializing in salads which includes field greens with fresh strawberries, bleu cheese, strawberry vinaigrette and spice pecans. Also, try the quinoa salad with lamb and blackberry dressing. These tasty combos will leave you coming back for more!

The new booth, Northern Bloom is also here with over the top decadent food. Scallops and butter potatoes meet bacon and brown butter vinaigrette to create a combo like no other. The beef tenderloin tips are also out of this world with whipped potatoes and mushroom bordelaise sauce. Although, there are still some of the old treats we love from last year! The pineapple dole whip is here once again. Try it regular or spice it up with a coconut rum floater option. At Cider House, try the shredded corned-beef and cabbage. You can also grab a delicious cheddar and potato biscuit with smoked salmon tartare.

You have to come try these delicious treats! Global has vacation homes close to Epcot and all of the Disney parks. With that being said, book your spring or summer vacation now! Visit or call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to plan your vacation and let the tasty adventure begin.

Visit The Hidden Gem Of Central Florida… Celebration!



I don’t know about you but when I go on vacation I love doing local activities. From Bok Towers to downtown Kissimmee, Central Florida has it all. But hidden in the mix of it all lies Celebration, a community built by Walt Disney’s dream.

Celebration is known for it’s perfect architecture, manicured lawns and over the top scenery. Just as Walt envisioned, Celebration grew up to be one of Florida’s best kept secrets. When you visit we have a list of all the fun you can plan on.

  • Rent a bike with Celebration Bike Rental and cruise around town. With a small town, wooded paths and more, you can see it all in a day. The palm trees and beautiful weather will be unforgettable.
  • Eat at one of the many restaurants downtown. Celebration has a wide array of restaurants from Upper Crust Pizza to Ari Sushi. There is no disappointment when it comes to food!
  • Relax by the lake! The main lake in downtown Celebration is meant for relaxation. Lined with rocking chairs, you can sit for hours and enjoy the warm sun.
  • Let the kids run free in the fountain! A classic tradition that I grew up doing was running through the downtown fountain on hot summer days.
  • Last but not least, take a walk on the beautiful tree-lined streets.

Celebration is a place meant for you to escape from the regular vacation. With so many activities, you’ll be happy to relax and enjoy all that it has to offer. My personal favorite way to finish the day is with an ice cream cone by the lake. Luckily, Global has homes just minutes from the downtown area of Celebration. That being said, you’ll be able to enjoy all these activities day in and day out. Visit our website or call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to plan your spring vacation!

Join SeaWorld For The Seven Seas Food Festival!



SeaWorld has always been known for their shows, incredible animals and now the Seven Seas Food Festival which allows you to taste food from around the globe. Happening through May 13th, this event will keep you coming back for more.

This is how it works. Different stations will be set up around the park with unique names that identify the cuisine such as “mexican” or “brazilian.” You’ll be able to then visit each station, tasting the different appetizers that they have to offer. In the Korean booth, try the Korean Beef Tacos with Kimchi, Coleslaw and Sweet Pepper Sauce. If you’re looking for something new, try the Ahi Tuna Tartar with Sesame Lavosh, Wakame Salad and Sweet Chili Sauce. These decadent apps are sure to please! If you want to stay local, you can even try a fried Kataifi Orange, drizzled with Local Honey.

Admission to these events are included in the cost of the one-day ticket and food can be purchased at each booth separately. Although, you can buy a “Food & Brew 10 Item Sampling Lanyard” for $40 or the “Food & Brew 15 Item Sampling Lanyard” for $55. By doing this, you’ll be able to try food from all your favorite markets!

After you’re full on the most amazing food you’ll be able to cozy up to your own bed in one of Global’s Vacation Homes. Global has homes just miles from the gates of SeaWorld which is the perfect proximity to both Disney and SeaWorld. Visit our website or call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global today!

Miss Adventure Falls To Open Next Week!

Miss Adventure Falls

Miss Adventure Falls

With much anticipation, Typhoon Lagoon will open its new ride, Miss Adventure Falls early next week. This being said, you have to come try it! With new technology, twists and turns, this ride is sure to be a showstopper.

Miss Adventure Falls is the longest ride at Typhoon, lasting a total of 2 minutes. Open to all ages, this expansion of the waterpark brings together all specialties of Disney. The animatronics, ride safety, and technology that goes into this ride is like nothing we have ever seen before. If you have ever been on Crush N’ Gusher, Miss Adventure is similar in style but much different all around.

The storyline follows Captain Mary Oceaneer and her side kick parrot after they have been stranded on Typhoon Lagoon, searching for treasure. The ride then immerses you in her life as you ride past treasures she once collected, all while twisting and turning.

If extreme is not your liking, Typhoon Lagoon has plenty of other options. First, lay out by the massive wave pool where you can soak up the Florida sun. Try out the many restaurants or float in the lazy river all day long! Whatever you do, you’ll be sure to have a blast.

When booking your trip, make sure to stay with Global Resort Homes. With homes close to all of the Disney parks, you’ll have all the perks of home right on vacation. Visit our website or call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global today!

Get A Closer Look At The Majestic Elephants Of Animal Kingdom!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you have ever experienced the magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, then you know all about the amazing creatures that you can see while there. From monkeys to crocs, they have everything! Recently, Disney has started a new viewing experience that allows guests the opportunity to view the gentle giants of the animal kingdom at approximately 80 to 100 feet away. See and hear elephants like never before!

So what do you get with this incredible experience? Led by a tour guide, this 60 minute guided tour will teach you just how they care and provide for the elephants who have taken up residency at Animal Kingdom. While teaching you all about their daily ins and outs, you’ll be able to observe the elephants at a closer distance than ever before. African culture representatives are also on standby to share Disney’s conservation efforts with guests. For only $30 per person, you can’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. All you have to do is call 407-939-7529 to reserve your spot.

After your visit with the elephants of Animal Kingdom, you have to check out the other amazing exhibits that Disney has to offer. First, head to the Tamarin exhibit at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. These squirrel sized monkeys are sure to entertain! After that, head over and view the Gorillas at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. After that, take Kilimanjaro’s Safari to see all the rest of what this Kingdom has to offer.

Lucky for you, Global Resort Homes has vacation homes located close to Animal Kingdom. Within a few miles from home to park, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your perfect vacation. Visit or call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global today!

New Character Dining Experience at Disney!

Trattoria al Forno

Trattoria al Forno

There is nothing like waking up, heading to get breakfast and being greeted by some of your favorite characters from the Disney movies we all know and love. Disney has now invited some very special guests to the Disney Boardwalk restaurant, Trattoria al Forno. Naming it the Bon Voyage Breakfast, guests will be able to snack on their favorite morning treats all while chatting with Princesses and Princes alike.



So you may be wondering who will show up to your very special dining experience. First, do not be surprised if you see Rapunzel carrying her infamous frying pan around the kitchen. Flynn Rider is also known to be seen around the dining room every once in awhile as well. After you say hi to them, catch up with Ariel and Prince Eric as you feast on your favorite treats.
Speaking of treats, the menu is sure to please everyone who chooses to dine with the Princesses and Princes. The menu features specialties like Shipwreck al Forno, a stuffed breakfast calzone with gooey cheese and more. The Tower of Pancakes, Royal Breakfast and Tangled Eggs will give everyone just what they’re looking for to start the day. This fun dining experience will cost adults $34 and children $20.

Disney’s Boardwalk has plenty of other restaurants to dine at too! Grab a quick bite and take it to the beach at Boardwalk Bakery. Later in the day, try Flying Fish or ESPN Club. For a sweet treat, try Ample Hills Creamery. While you visit these amazing restaurants, stay at one of Globals Vacation Homes. With full vacation homes located just miles from these spectacular restaurants, you’ll have everything you want right at your fingertips. Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay and let the tasty adventure begin!

Get To Know All The Local Restaurants In Orlando!

The BOATHOUSE, at Disney Springs

The BOATHOUSE, at Disney Springs

On vacation, don’t fall into the trap of chain restaurants! Try authentic food native to Orlando, Disney and much more. Orlando is known for its cuisine of many different kinds including New American, Italian, and Japanese. Here is a list of our favorites that are located close to all of our vacation homes!

Located in Disney Springs, The Boathouse is one of our favorites with its ambiance, food and scenery. With a raw bar, fresh seafood and other options, this restaurants has something for everyone. The New American cuisine sets itself apart by using only the freshest ingredients. With the perfect location in Disney Springs, you can make a night out of visiting this wonderful restaurant.

We also love Fresco Cucina Italiana which proves to be one of Orlando’s best. Located right off of Sandlake Road, this hidden gem is where all the locals go to eat. The fresh pasta, pizza and paninis are a match made in heaven at Fresco. Mildly priced with great food turns out to be one of our favorites.

Lastly, if you’re craving sushi, you must try Amura Japanese Restaurant, located right on Sandlake. The sushi here is some of the freshest that Orlando has to offer and serves up tasty combos daily. Although, if sushi isn’t your forte, this restaurant doubles as a hibachi where you can get fried rice and much more…all cooked in front of you!

Try these 3 amazing restaurants in Orlando and dine where the locals do. Global Resort Homes has vacation homes close to all of these locations so you can try all 3! Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay and let the tasty adventure begin!

What is new at SeaWorld?



As one of Orlando’s top theme parks, SeaWorld is known for it’s top roller coaster attractions. From Kraken, Manta and Mako, SeaWorld has some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters that Florida has to offer. Coming into 2017, they have no plans of stopping, adding a virtual reality coaster and much more.

If you’re like me, you have always loved the classic roller coaster Kraken. Taking you up high above Orlando and then dropping you 149 feet, this roller coaster is one for the books. SeaWorld has decided that Kraken will now be Orlando’s first virtual reality coaster! By adding a headset which will cover your eyes and ears, you will be transported into the depths of the sea, on an adventure with the Kraken!

SeaWorld is also planning to unveil Electric Oceans, which will make the park come alive as the sun goes down. With all new technology, SeaWorld will have a light show like no other. Adding lights to pathways, rides and much more, you will feel as if you are one with the creatures of the ocean.

Book your vacation now so you can come see all the new happenings at SeaWorld. See creatures up close and personal and ride with some of the most extreme coasters that Florida has to offer! Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay and let the fun begin!

New to Universal!

Amazing plans are coming this year to Universal and you have to be one of the first to try it. Not only is their new waterpark, Volcano Bay, opening, but so are many new rides and restaurants. Get ready for a summer of fun at Universal Orlando!

To begin, we have to talk about all the new updates for Volcano Bay! One of our favorite updates is the trend of visitor line skipping! Guests can now reserve line times, go play on other attractions and then come back with no wait time. This will essentially eliminate ride lines if you plan it out just right. By blurring the lines of waterpark and theme park, Volcano Bay is sure to be a hit.

Another new ride opening at Universal is Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon. Taking over the previous Twister attraction, you’ll be able to follow Jimmy all around NYC and get a front row seat to his late night show. This interactive ride is sure to be a hit with it’s fun, fast paced energy.

Although we’re looking forward to a few of these new rides, don’t miss out on what’s already open! When opened earlier this year, The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium became a major hit. Serving up tasty concoctions and more, this decadent delight is sure to please. Another fun ride that opened up late last year is Skull Island: Return of Kong. This surprising ride will have you coming back to ride time and time again. When you visit Orlando to try all of these fun activities, stay with Global Resort Homes! Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay and let the fun begin!

Music Comes to this Year’s Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot!

Epcot's 24th International Flower & Garden Festival!

Epcot’s 24th International Flower & Garden Festival!

Every year, Epcot hosts the Flower & Garden Festival by showcasing some of the most beautiful and interesting art pieces by masters at their craft. This year, the “Garden Rocks” concert series is coming back with more performers than ever! With shows Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the festival, you will be able to catch some of your favorite bands and performers.

This festival is like no other with its gorgeous surroundings. You’ll be able to check out sculptures like you wouldn’t imagine! See Mickey and Minnie adorned in Tulips or Goofy outfitted in the most beautiful Roses. Not only that, but the concert series is here to make it even more entertaining. With performances at 5:30, 6:45 and 8:00, you will be able to catch your favorite artists anytime. Now you may be wondering who is performing, and we have the list just for you.

March 3-4 – Jon Secada
March 5-6 – Dennis DeYoung
March 10-13 – Pointer Sisters
March 17-18 – Simple Plan
March 19-20 – Plain White T’s
March 24-27 – Night Ranger
March 31-April 3 – Little River Band
April 7-10 – Blood, Sweat & Tears featuring Bo Bice
April 14-17 – Gin Blossoms
April 21-24 – The Orchestra starring former members of ELO
April 28-29 – Exposé
April 30-May 1 – Berlin featuring Terri Nunn
May 5-8 – STARSHIP starring Mickey Thomas
May 12-15 – The Guess Who
May 19-22 – Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone
May 26-29 – The Spinners

Not only are these performers incredible, but so is the ambiance! Dine “around the world” as Epcot will put out spectacular outdoor kitchens so you can sample specialty food like never before. Try a tour of local gardens at Epcot, dining packages and much more. This event runs from the beginning of March to the end of May so do not miss this incredible event. Luckily for you, Global has homes located close by Epcot and all the parks! Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global. We can’t wait to see you here!

Activities In Orlando For $20 Or less!

We all know that vacations can be expensive, but why not try some local favorites that are inexpensive yet jampacked with fun? These are our recommendations.

  • For the speedsters in your family, K1 Speed Indoor Karting is a major win. Starting at $19.95, this is the perfect activity to show off your driving skills.
  • Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of a kind. Located on Lake Monroe, this is home to over 500 species that are truly amazing. Only $16.50 for adults, you’ll be able to make a day out of it!
  • Winter Park Scenic Boat tour is also a must! See views of Orlando like never before on the historic canals of Winter Park. Million dollar real estate is around the corner when you take this tour.
  • We love the Dine in Theatre at Disney Springs. Try something new and dine while you see the latest in movie magic.
  • We also love the Orlando Museum of Art! Only $10 for adults, this museum features permanent collections as well as featured collections.

Orlando does not have to be expensive! We love to do local activities! Spend your time here and stay with Global which has properties close to all these fun things! Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global. We can’t wait to see you here!

Exploring Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando

If you’re like me, when you go on vacation, you love to do what the locals do. This is no exception when visiting Central Florida. From world class restaurants and fun sightseeing, there is nothing like it and downtown Orlando has plenty to offer.

First, you have to visit Lake Eola Park. In the heart of downtown, Lake Eola offers serene views of Orlando as well as local restaurants. Bring a blanket and relax while enjoying the views. If you’re looking for a restaurant, there are plenty. Try the Relax Bar and Grill for some mediterranean cuisine. If you are wanting something a bit fancier, Spice Modern Steakhouse is always a good choice.

There is also plenty of entertainment downtown too! The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center is always showcasing something new. This month, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder, as well as Harry Potter in Concert is featured front and center. Tony Bennett will also be making a debut this March! You can also head over to the Amway Arena to catch a sporting event or concert. This month, the Magic and Solar Bears will be playing. Be sure to catch a game while you’re here!

Downtown Orlando really has all you need for a perfect night of exploring. Global has many vacation homes located close to all these fun activities! Call an agent at (888) 426-0472 to book your stay with Global. We can’t wait to see you here!

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